Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catherine Apgar Teats- September 12, 1855

Catherine Apgar Teats: Mother of Asa TeatsParents of Asa Teats

Morris Teats: Born 1/26/1804 Died: 12/25/1872
married: 7/29/1837 to Catherine Apgar

Morris's Parents: John and Eva Apgar Teats

Catherine Apgar Teats: Born: 1812 Died: 1857

Catherines Parents: Nicholas and Mary Bunn Apgar

Morris and Catherines Children:

Asa Teats: Born: 9/29/1839 Died: 5/26/1908
Married: 4/1870 to Margaret Jane Barker

Lucy Teats: Born: 1/21/1838

Emma Teats: Born: 1842

Mary A. Teats: Born 1845

William Teats: Born: 1848

Sarah Elizabeth Teats: Born: 1850

Jacob Teats: Born 1852

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